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Sunday, 10 July 2011

St Mary's Church, Bridport

We recently had a day out in the delightful town of  Bridport.  The church was particularly attractive in the sunshine. We learnd that the earliest remains of St Mary's date from the 13th century although much of the building, including the central tower, dates from the 15th century.

In the Victorian period considerable alterations and enlargement took place.  In the ten months leading up to July 1860 a major restoration was carried out: the chancel was completely rebuilt, and the nave lengthened.

The author Thomas Hardy did not approve of the alterations - he wrote "The church had had such a practical joke played upon it by some facetious restorer or other as to be scarce recognisable...".

Despite this, the church continued to be much loved and late 19th and 20th century craftsmen continued to enhance it with stained glass and the organ we see and hear today.  The Lady chapel was created in 1900. The east window is Victorian and depicts Queen Victoria as the Queen of Sheba.


  1. Hi Nick & Karen!
    Thank you for creating your blog and sharing the wonderful photos. My great great... grandparents, John Macomber & Edith Locke, were married in St. Mary's church in Bridport in 1607, and their 11 children were christened there. Two of their sons, William and John, along with William's wife and son who were linked to St. Mary's church as well, migrated to Plymouth Colony in America in 1638. Your photos of St. Mary's church and Dorset in general bring family history to life for me and my children, grandchildren, cousins, etc. Though we are across the "pond", we feel a bond with England and thanks to your blog a greater bond to Dorset county, our ancestral heritage. Thank you!

  2. Hiya!! We are so pleased you found our site, and that our photos had some connection to your family - pretty amazing!

    Karen is a Dorset girl having been born in the area, but I am from the industrial north of England and only moved to the area 4 years ago. So I am seeing the county with 'fresh' eyes and count my blessings that I live somewhere so lovely.

    Thanks for taking to time to visit our site.