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Sunday, 7 May 2017

111 Turf Steps to St Catherine's Chapel

In the later 1700's the Earl of Dorchester, Joseph Damer, had a flight of 111 turf steps constructed leading from his home to St Catherine's Chapel, a building dating back to about AD 925.  I'd read about this possibly unique sight (in the world!) and ended up in the grounds of Milton Abbey from where they originate.  They are not open to use, and unfortunately have not been maintained well, although they are still there to see.

The steps cross a small road, and the bridge has a slope (on the right hand side in my photo) which looks like it was designed to accommodate these steps!  Certainly the bridge looks much younger than the steps.

Finally I half crawled up a very steep slope to see the Chapel itself.  I also took a photo from the top of the turf steps and you can see the Abbey in the distance.

The bridge that carries the steps over a road

The steps, from the grounds of the Abbey

The view from the top of the steps

St Catherine's Chapel

The Chapel in the distance 


  1. wonderful to see you back. I thought that your blog was probably inactive after the several times I checked back and saw no recent posts. So pleased I decided to give it one more go.

  2. Yes we had a mini hiatus (I say mini, it lasted quite a while, so thanks for sticking with it!) but are really enjoying getting out with the camera again. The Tank Museum was a particular highlight for both of us.

    I hope all is well with you!


    Nick and Karen