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Sunday, 4 July 2010


Tolpuddle is, of course, home of the famous Tolpuddle Martyrs. 

In 1834, in an attempt to halt a systemic reduction of their wages, 6 men from the village of Tolpuddle established the Friendly Society of Workers.  They frequently met under an old sycamore tree, now known as the Martyrs Tree.  The men were subsequently arrested and convicted on consiprary charges for having sworn a secret oath.  They were sentenced to 7 year's transportation.

Tolpuddle Martyrs Tree

Their sentence caused such a public outrage amongst the working classes, that the men were eventually granted a free pardon.  They returned to a heroes' welcome and their names live on as martyrs in establishing the right to free association among workers.  An emotive sculpture stands as a memorial to the 6 men outside the Martys' Museum.

A festival is held in Tolpuddle every year to commemorate trade unionism and remember the sacrifice of the 6 villagers.

Five of the martyrs subsequently emigrated, but James Hammett's grave can be found in the graveyard behind St John's Church in Tolpuddle.


  1. Having read about this is fascinating to see photos.


  2. Thanks Caroline. Glad you found it interesting.