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Saturday, 7 May 2011

St Cuthbert's Old Church, Oborne

This little treasure is located just outside of Sherborne and belongs to the Churches Conservation Trust, a charity that cares for and preserves English churches of historic, architectural or archaeological importance.

Over a thousand years ago the Saxon King Edgar gave Oborne to Sherborne Abbey (then a cathedral) in memory of Alfred the Great's elder brothers, who reigned before him and were buried at Sherborne.  Nothing remains of the original building that was put up here in AD 970, but from then until the dissolution of the abbey in 1539,  Oborne remained a 'chapel of ease', served by monks of the abbey.

The church fell into disrepair over the centuries and when a new church was built half a mile away in 1862, all of St Cuthbert's was destroyed except for the chancel, which is the building you can see now. 

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