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Monday, 14 March 2011

St Eustace - Ibberton

This has to be the most difficult to access church we have visited – we had to walk up a steep dirt-path and some rickety steps. But it was worth it for the view!

The main part of the church is thought to have been built between 1380 and 1400. It appears dedication of a church to St Eustace is very uncommon in England, and there are only two others dedicated to this Saint.

During the second half of the 19th Century the building fell into disrepair, the final collapse occurring in 1889. The restoration was started in 1902 and the church re-opened by the Bishop of Salisbury on 17th July 1909.  Despite the restoration, the church still has walls that lean!

On the porch floor there are some old tiles bearing the following inscription:
Die tijt is cort, Die doot is snel, Wacht u va sonde, Soe doedi wel.

Which translated means:
The time is short, Death is swift, Guard against sin, Then thou doest well.

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